The Senior Rec Standouts

By Cooper Hagerty

Top 5 Scorers in Senior Rec

  1. Jack Sheldon (14.0 ppg) Jack has proved to be one of the best in the league by helping to lead one of the worst teams in the league to victory last week. Jack is big, quick and can even pull up if he’s left too much space. As his team begins to gain more confidence Jack may very well be in contention for MVP when playoffs arrive.


  1. Michael Friel (14.5 ppg) Michael is coming off a horrendous performance last week going about 4 for a million with a shooting percentage too low to be represented by real numbers. He just kept shooting last game and didn’t seem to ever stop which may be the reason he’s averaging so many points. Now, he should get some credit since he played very well the first three weeks and didn’t ball hog as much. This kid really needs to lead his team to some victories if he wants to be considered one of the top tier players in Senior Rec.


     3.George El-Hayek (15.7 ppg) George is on arguably the second best team in senior rec and is still putting up insane numbers without being a ball hog. George knows how to get to the rim and how to pull up from 35 feet. That is why he is one of the most versatile and hardest to guard players in the league. His team is winning and George is leading them so when the end of the year rolls around he will most definitely be in the MVP conversation.


  1. Kelan Rice (17.5 ppg) Kelan is playing like a god out there. He is a JV/varsity level player playing against senior rec kids. What else can you expect from this kid.  He’s a big man who can move and shot at a JV level. His team is dominating and Kelan must be proud of what he’s bringing to senior rec. I mean, he was put on the same team as the former senior rec champ and two other former travel players. But it doesn’t take away from the fact that he is putting up big numbers and is looking good in the MVP race.


  1. Shane Murphy (18.0 ppg) Shane is another man among boys in this league. He is scoring at will and getting all the boards he wants. He is a clear contender for MVP and if he keeps up his quality of play it would be surprising if he didn’t win. There’s only one problem, his team isn’t winning. Shane is on one of the most star studded teams consisting of him, Mitchell, Will, Alec, and many more but they are only off to a 2-2 start which is nothing special.  Due to this, Shane needs to lead his team to more victories to prove he earns the title of MVP.