The Wood Report: Why OA Boys Basketball Will Make The Playoffs.

The last few months I’ve had a lot on my plate; another hiatus from this column due to school, almost failing midterms, and running the Senior Rec account. But of course, I will always find the time to get the Wood Report to the student’s of OA.

The Boy’s and Girl’s Basketball teams have been polar opposites in terms of records. Both have a frequent 30 point scorer but the girls have seemed to just figure this whole thing out before the boys. However, the OA Boys Basketball team will make the playoffs. 100%.

They have a record of 5-9 currently and their loss to Franklin Friday night was a tough one and it was a hard hit for their chance to make the tournament and their upcoming schedule is not exactly helpful at the least. Next games feature Mansfield, Attleboro, and other good hock foes. If betting was allowed in High School sports, I’d put the Boys Teams odds at making the playoffs around 1-750.

And you should take them for these reasons.

  1. This team has the fire to win. These are hard-working boys who want to make Coach Don Byron have a great season and they do not want to disappoint him in being the first team in his Era to not make the playoffs.
  2. Jack Spillane. Jack Spillane is the leading scorer for the Tigers and the league averaging around 25 PPG. SHEESH. He is filthy and a leading contender for Hock MVP and it is a lock if they make the playoffs. Jack will make it happen. With his supporting cast of a bunch of talent, this team just needs to believe in themselves.
  3. The Drive. Mansfield has definitely lost their fire to beat OA due to already killing them at home in both basketball and football. I expect OA to have big games against these two powerhouses and bring out wins.
  4. This report: Hopefully the team sees this report and it puts that fire back in them. It puts the fire back in that is supposed to be in a Don Byron OA basketball team. Nitty Gritty is what he wants and they can give it to him. Also if they run Wisconsin less, expect this team to have a chance at TD Garden.