Qdoba Review

Madison McIntyre

“A place where flavor takes a universal approach to activating your senses all at once, full blast”.

Mouth watering spicy and original queso like no other can be found at any one of Qdoba’s seven hundred eighteen restaurants throughout the United States and Canada. Made fresh each day with three different cheeses, roasted peppers, tomatoes, heavy cream, ground garlic, and salt. Plus it is no extra cost to get this cheesy sauce added to anything you order! Cooked to perfection, it will leave you craving more.

Founders Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser opened their first restaurant in 1995 in Denver, CO. They brought a San Francisco-style burrito shop and made it into the first ever Qdoba The company began franchising in 1997 and was soon acquired by Jack in the Box Inc. in 2003. “At Qdoba, we believe successful restaurant companies are built not only upon ”raveable” flavors, innovation and personality, but with strong franchisee relationships.”

Qdoba is known as a fast place to get delicious Mexican-style cuisine that is made exactly to your liking. The pricing of everything on the menu is very affordable and is definitely worth the money you pay. Qdoba even has an app that you can place mobile orders, pay for your meal, and the best part receive rewards, free chips and queso is a deal that no one should pass by!

Offering quesadillas, burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, tortilla soup, taco salad, and nachos, there is something on the menu for everyone.  “Creating big, bold flavors starts with fresh ingredients that we prepare in-house before opening our doors to you each and every day”. All having very good nutritional values and made to the correct serving size, there is no need to worry about what you are eating there.

Quesadillas and burritos can be made on either a white of wheat wrap and packed full of whatever you choose, Tacos can be made with a soft shell or a hard shell and of course be filled to the top. At qdoba they offer chicken, steak, pulled pork, ground beef, brisket, and tequila lime chicken for all your protein needs. Also both homemade guacamole and queso are no extra charge!

Toppings at qdoba are one of a kind, they offer four different kinds of salsa. Which include pico de Gallo, roasted corn Chile, salsa verde, and salsa roja. You can also add sour cream, cheese, lettuce, bacon, veggies, and sliced chips to all add up together for an incredible flavor.

Chipotle is one of Qdoba’s biggest competitions, selling both the same style food they have been competitors for years. When Chipotle restaurants had a huge downfall with e coli being found in their meat, Qdoba was on top. People then went to Qdoba for all of their mexican food  needs forgetting about chipotle due to how good Qdoba’s food is! But soon after people started going back to Chipotle because the situation was “handled”, so now once again Chipotle and Qdoba are continuing their competition with one another.

The atmosphere inside all of Qdoba’s restaurants makes you feel at home. Like Chipotle, Qdoba has metal top tables. But Qdoba has both booths, tables, bar stool tables, and a counter to sit down and enjoy your meal at. The walls are painted a dark red and yellow and have all wood booths and chairs, “Our bold and distinctive restaurant décor inspires us every day to create flavor mashups that will inspire our guests and give them the fuel they need to be at their best”. Qdoba restaurants are more on the smaller size, but the way it is set up makes it seem bigger. The lighting is dim but is enough for you to still be able to see. Qdoba is pretty quiet besides the soft sound of music playing in the background and the rare noise of a pan clashing.

The service is always on point each time you go into a Qdoba, their workers are always willing to help you and get you whatever you need to make your meal just right for you, “They’re the experts of our food, our restaurants and they’re the representatives of who we are. We care for the person in front of us so that they have the freedom to be at their best”. The workers will let you taste test whatever you would like before you add it to your meal and are always willing to add extra of something you love!

I personally recommended qdoba for all of your Mexican food needs, bring family and friends to a clean and welcoming qdoba closest to you, and I promise you will be going back for more!