The Great Burrito Dispute: To Cut or Not to Cut

The Great Burrito Dispute: To Cut or Not to Cut

By: Priya Merchia


Every time I visit Chipotle Mexican Grill no matter who is accompanying me, they seem to have some type of intense opinion on my way of eating burritos. Personally, cutting a burrito in half makes the most sense… the ability to save one half for later if you aren’t particularly hungry, and generally eating in a more efficient manner is both cost-effective as well as seemingly tastier.


Though to many, it is impossible to wrap their heads around why cutting a burrito in half is the most effective process in eating burritos.


Multiple students atOA are quite opinionated on the topic, those who believe cutting burritos is an incorrect process say:


“It’s stupid and unnecessary, eat it how it’s presented or don’t eat it at all. If you cut it the middle falls out. It is a pain to unwrap the tinfoil and easier just to hold it and bite it – It triggers me when people cut it, if you cut it you might as well get a bowl” – Michael Nikiciuk


“Cutting burritos is pointless because it just changes the order in which you taste the flavors” – Amanda Gordon


“Burritos are consisted of whatever you want within the warm hug of a flour tortilla for the convenience of being about to eat it on the go with no utensils therefore the use of a knife to cut the burrito defeats the main goal of not needing utensils to eat thy burrito making all individuals who use utensils to eat a burrito heathens.”


Those who agree cutting burritos in half breed benefits say:


“I cut my burritos because if I don’t eat the whole thing I can save the other half for later without it having being gross. Also when you cut it, you can get a more proportionate bite of the filling when you cut it in half” – Anna Vidoni


“It is easier to eat when cut in half because I do not prefer long rolls of food, and the process is much simpler and efficient” – Cole Richardson

In conclusion, the controversy of whether to cut or not cut ones burrito in half remains a moral dilemma. To each their own – however, cutting a burrito in half will always be the “correct” mannerism in consuming Chipotle’s infamous dish.