Preview of OA Girls Basketball

It’s already apparent that this year’s OA girls basketball team is going to be a threat in the Hockomock League.  They have experienced Seniors like Katie Flynn, Abby Reardon, and Kayla Raymond backed up by Juniors Sadie Homer and Ally Scolnick.  With Kayla and Abby as the captains, members of the team predict they will end the season with around 15 wins and only 5 losses.  Although this type of a season would be hard to achieve, there is no doubt in my mind that it will happen.

This team is very athletic and hopes to use that to their advantage throughout this season.  Kayla Raymond says that they have been practicing the press and press break in different ways to throw other teams off.  It should be a fun, fast paced season which is always more exciting to see as a fan.

The team has so many players that are able to step up when their name is called but one in particular has stood out to the team thus far.  When asked who was the most improved so far Sadie Homer responded by saying Meg Holleran, who is now a sophomore.  Sadie said “She was with us as a freshman and I personally know it can be a little intimidating but I feel like she’s definitely breaking out of her shell and becoming stronger mentally and physically.”  The whole team is following Meg’s lead and it will most likely turn out well for the Tigers, who have their eyes on the championship this year.