The Wood Report: Boys Basketball Will Shock The Hock

I would just like to make a correction with last column. I said Team 6 was the team to be stopped while I meant Team 8. My apologies.

While Senior Rec is a powerhouse, we still have the second best basketball league at school also… the Hock.

Last year’s year team had a nice little playoff run that ended in a sad defeat at Whitman-Hanson where the refs were just awful. One of the worst I have ever seen. For lack of better terms, it was disgusting. Whitman-Hanson also disrespected the cheerleaders which I do not condone at all. OA deserved to win that game.

It is a new year with a new team with new names on the court and I LOVE WHAT I AM SEEING. Right now, with Harry Dechellis sadly out with a return TBD due to possible MCL tear, here is my most likely starting line-up for the 2018 Tigers as the Point Guard and Wings consisting of Sean O’Brien, Jack Spillane, and Matt Muir and Jake Erlich with Ethan Eckstrom taking the Power Forward and Center positions respectively. 6th man being defensive beast Noah Fitzgerald. (Note: this is what I am predicting and is not necessarily what it will be)

The season begins with Medfield at home and the Tigers will 100% win this game no ifs and or buts. The bench is looking great. Everything is just going to be falling for these Tigers. 1-0. Stoughton after that. It will be a tough game but Tigers trump Knights. 2-0. And then we have Sharon. Enough said. 3-0.  (Note: This is from maxpreps and sometimes they are not up to speed)

I also believe in our brave coach Donny Byron. This man has won championships and is hungry to win one with the Tigers. He is a great coach and man but please get rid of the Wisconsin play. It is terrible and every team sees it coming. This team is ready to take over the hock. Are you?