Mondays with Matt: The Power of Loss

One weekend ago, twenty Oliver Ames seniors and I played in our last soccer game as a tiger. We lost. We lost despite controlling nearly 80% of the game. We lost after months of nonstop work and effort. We lost the opportunity to go out on top.

Soccer is honestly a lot like life. Not everything you deserve will be given to you. Nor will you succeed in everything you do. I believe losses are more powerful than wins. What I mean by this is you learn more from losing than winning. Winning gives you complete satisfaction. What you messed up will not be extensively analyzed or thought of if you won. The act will be perceived as subordinate as it did not affect the outcome. After a loss you learn the strength that it is needed to hold your head high and eventually move on. Losing also forces inner evaluation and growth.

I believe we already have learned from our loss on Saturday. There is no award, trophy, or stat that can symbolize the brotherhood that has been created because of this team. We are the real winners because now we are tougher, stronger, and closer than ever before.

Even though I usually hate losing no matter what it is, the act of losing has taught me to live in the moment and strive for something larger than myself.