Now Streaming: Mr. Riley

This week I talked to Mr. Riley to find out what he’s streaming. Upon talking with him, I learned that he has a very distinct music taste which consists mostly of Alternative Rock and Blues. Our interview was interesting because I too am very interested in this kind of music.

Mr. Riley and I listened to around 30 songs together, which he played from his red iPod Nano and Bose Speaker. The first song was Road To Nowhere by the Talking Heads. An interesting fact is that this band was formed by former RISD students, and in my opinion, you can very much tell. To me, their sound can only be described as odd. The voice of the lead singer punched through every song and the lyrics never failed to amaze me.

The next song he put on was by a group called Oh Darling. They are able to blend a mix of blues and rock in such a smooth combination. This was something that really impressed me and obviously impressed him as well, as he told me a story about seeing them in concert and clearly enjoyed their content a lot.

We listened to a lot of other bands as well, including Rolling Stones, Black Keys, The Beatles, and more.

Overall we have very similar tastes in music and it was a very different take on music then the rest of the people I have interviewed so far, which definitely shows the generational gap present in music lovers today. This is further emphasized by the fact that last month for the first time in the history of Billboard rap overtook rock as the most popular genre… times are certainly changing.