The Wood Report: Senior Rec Way-Too-Early Preview

I took the week off, but I’m back baby, with one of the most important stories of the year. Senior Rec Basketball.

Let’s start with a review of last season. You had the powerhouse of Team 8 taking the championship against Team 6. Team 8 had the likes of John Gomes and Shane Murphy who was definitely the highest scoring duo Senior Rec has ever seen and are early-favorites for the chip again.

However, teams have been recruiting players for their teams to try to take down Team 8. The league is losing parity like the NBA but it has to happen to take down the beast. I will only be talking about the teams with a chance at the chip (Team 11… Sorry Luke).

One of the teams trying to recruit big is Team 9 with the likes of Jared Spillane and Sean Parker. This team had a deep playoff run and one of the only teams to beat last years championship squad. With new addition Tom Parker coming this year, big things might happen for Team 9.

Another big name team is Team 2. After losing their best players to graduation, I tried to recruit for my team to be better and that came with contract negotiations with the some of the two biggest free agents on the market. And I secured them. With Teddy Plante, the Campbell Twins and me, Kelan Rice and Chucky Akanegbu set to come to this team and win a ring.

As of right now, these teams look like favorites to take down Team 6 but nothing is ever set in stone until the games are played. Be ready for talent emerging this year…