Based on Archie Comics, Riverdale is a CW television series that has taken the teenage world by storm since its initial release in January 2017. Though I myself just got into the show, I regret not watching it sooner as it’s certainly one of my new favorites.

The show begins with the murder of one of the main character’s siblings, Jason Blossom. The entire first season revolves around the characters trying to figure out who killed the high school football star, while dealing with all the drama and tumult they face in their daily lives. The show addresses issues such as twisted relationships, drugs, sexual assault, gangs, and more, all while remaining a murder mystery at its core.

While season one was all about the murder of Jason Blossom, season two revolves around a new but just as dark mystery: the identity of a gruesome killer known as the Black Hood. The show’s mysterious nature and revealing of the dark secrets of a seemingly perfect small town has allowed for critics to deem it similar to some other popular teen mysteries, such as Freeform’s wildly successful Pretty Little Liars.

The first season of Riverdale concluded in May 2017, but fans were not left in the dark for too long as a second one began in October 2017. Though it was just on a short hiatus, season two is expected to resume on Wednesday, November 29th, and according to the many fan-pages and threads on social media, viewers can’t wait to see more. While the conspiracy theories run wild about who exactly the Black Hood is just as they were abundant on who the murderer in season one was, the only way to find out the truth is to stay tuned and keep watching!