Taught to be Tame

A Daily Olivian Original Poem by Lila Rose

All the wings.
Brown, black, grey and white
Their beauty, of all things,
Isn’t to be taken granted

My darling,
Why shake your head?
You’ve never flown
Because of the dangers ahead.

You’ve only known a cage
So you feel no urge
No desperation or rage
To escape the dreaded trap

The wind blows hard
And can push you off course
But dear!
Adventures always needs a push, a bit of force.

While you were sleeping
Dreaming mundane dreams, Fear came
And she clipped your wings
You didn’t scream because you’d been taught to be tame.

But not to fright, Child!
Like you, they can grow
Bigger than your biggest worries
For your quest of life to and fro.

The skies were made for you to fly!
Those before were caged, not
Knowing the existence of Out
You must break free or get caught.

Then there are those who
Preach the cage
They love stasis,
Keeping them Masters of the Age

But I preach for freedom
For love and imagination
My wings are black and beaten
But my heart is not as grim

I hope to show you the Out
But the choice is yours
The door is open now
Let us travel seas and moors!

Lila Rose

I am a sophomore in OA High School. In my free time, I enjoy archery, reading, art, writing, and hiking.