Stranger Things Season Two

On October 27th 2017, nine brand new episodes of one of America’s favorite TV shows were released. Ever since that all too familiar theme song hit the screen once again, the world has been raving. With a Rotten Tomatoes score of 94% and countless celebrity and media mentions, everyone seems to be interested in finding out just what makes the second season of Netflix’s hit Stranger Things so great.

In my opinion, Stranger Things Season Two is even better than season one. With plenty more characters to love but also new characters to hate, I got emotionally invested in the show fairly quickly – enough to binge it in less than a week. All of the show’s most lovable characters, including Millie Bobby Brown’s “Eleven” and Winona Ryder’s “Joyce Byers” drew me back to the second season, and the addition of new lovable ones such as Sean Astin’s “Bob” were just an added bonus.

Not only did the second season provide answers to many unexplained circumstances from the first season, but it also added several elements that gave a deeper perspective into the lives and backgrounds of the characters. For example, viewers got to see much more into the life and mind of Will Byers, considering the fact that he was “missing” for pretty much the entire first season. New characters such as Kali also gave background into other character’s lives that was lacking in the first season, and though the season does end off with some new unanswered questions, at least some of the old ones were cleared up.

The show’s creators the Duffer Brothers have declared that their work on season three is in its “very early days” and that they’re “still figuring it out.” Though Netflix has not officially confirmed this fact, I suggest you watch season two while you’ve got the time – before we know it, season three will be here and we’ll get to know even more about Hawkins’ dark secrets!