Why You Should Play Senior Rec

Senior rec is perfect for anyone who wants to play basketball but does not want to play for the school.  It’s a really relaxed environment with just 1 game a week on Saturdays and no practices.  This way, you get all the enjoyment out of the sport with none of the stress.  I have played every year I have been at OA and now, as a Junior, I look back on it as a great experience my first two years that I will continue in my last 2 at the high school.

One thing that I have continually seen about this program is just how kind everyone is to each other and how respectful they are.  As a freshman, I came in to the first game worrying that the Seniors would just fool around and I would never get to play or get the ball.  However, that was far from the truth.  Everyone is so nice to each other and the older kids truly do look out for the underclassmen and take them under their wings.  Everybody passes to each other because they want to win but most importantly, they want to have a great time.

Although people are there to have a good time, teams want to win as well.  Everyone still tries their hardest, and it is not just some unorganized pickup game.  There are refs and coaches, and it actually gets pretty intense at some points, especially in the playoffs.

If you are looking for something to do between January and March that you don’t have to commit to, you should play Senior rec.  Sign ups come put soon, so be sure to remember!