The Wood Report: The Chirpin’ Tigah Fan Section

There are two kinds of people in the Chirpin’ Tigahs fan section… The ones who are screaming and are truly helping out the game by irritating the other team and the Front Row. I do not know what it is, but when people are in the front row they just do not speak. For the love of OA teams alike, please be the first one.

Being in a fan section is one of the best things in High School. It is a chance to cheer on your friends while they beat this team where we do not know any of the kids at all but for that night, their team and their opposing fan section becomes our rival. Most recently in the boys soccer games where they are deep in the playoffs trying for another run at the chip.

In the fan section, you have the classics like “Let’s go OA!”, “SORRRYYYYY”, and “You can’t do that!” It is truly great. The best is when we chirp the other team which should not be frowned upon. Us telling a kid to hit the weight room when he gets bodied is a part of the game; we need to rattle the other team to help give ours an edge. Calling out other kids is not mean; our intention trying to get into their head and it works. The kid is not focused on the game, he is focused on the fan section, which makes us louder and the Tigers better.

Being in the fan section is one of the best things, it is being with your friends yelling at the top of your lungs trying anything to help the team. Plus, it is a lot better when you are involved and yelling and cheering on OA. I promise, your voice will come back, the good time will not. So at the next OA game you go to yell, please. With all of that said…. Give me a head tap.