The Wood Report: Friday Night Lights

I am still processing what happened with my team.

On an amazing November night, perfect for football, both teams were ready to play, and both wanted to win. Plymouth South, a team none of us had ever played before, was ready for the challenge of the Hockomock. But we had something to prove too.

Both defenses came out to play, and especially ours, who was on the field most of the first half. Plymouth South had this slow moving offense that took a lot of time off the clock, with the help of our defense who kept getting them to fourth down and then PS would convert for the first. However, our defense had multiple goal line stops that helped the Tigers. However, in the second quarter on a fourth down, PS ran some trick play that I could not help but applaud as they did a reverse to the running back to passed it to the QB for 6. They missed the Extra Point which was huge.

Yadda-yadda, same thing in the 3rd quarter, they take off a bunch of time, score a field goal to make it 9-0. I keep getting my legs cut and it is pissing me off.

Early in the 4th, the Tigers defense forces a fumble and we take over and have Anthony Berksza score easily to make it 7-0 after an extra point from Hanscom. Then it goes back and forth and back and forth. Another goal line stop for the Tigers Defense and the Offense takes over with about 2 and a half left. We’ve got time, let’s win this one right now. We were so hyped, we get to the line and we throw an interception…

Okay wow, that sucks. However, you know when you are watching football and then the team you want to lose has the ball and is up and you are just hoping for anything, and that once in a lifetime thing happens when the team loses the ball and the team you’re rooting for gets the ball? Well yeah, PS fumbled and it felt like that. Just 10000 times better because we were apart of it. That was not even the best part.

We drove down field with under a minute left and spike the ball with 5.2 seconds to go. Crazy right. My heart was just pounding. A legitimate chance to win the game and I was part of it. If we won, it was truly due to us grinding it out. Our boy Hanscom comes out with the field goal unit and the whole team in kneeling, anticipating a win. And… they try to ice him. This is not the NFL, Plymouth South, just stop Right after Hanscoms hits the game winner and it is all over from there. No chance from PS at all. Game Over.

It was like something in Friday Night Lights (The TV Show of course) It was one of the greatest feelings ever. I cannot describe it, you just have to be part of it. I have never been in a situation like that and then come out on top, it is truly just the most amazing thing. Especially considering what we have been through, we needed that storybook ending.