Why Not Join the Family?

Last weekend, the Oliver Ames Music Department held student auditions for this year’s musical, “The Addams Family.”

The legendary director Charlene Dalrymple has returned to take control of what is shaping up to be a very interesting performance by Oliver Ames students. Within the “Addams Family,” the majority of the creatures and characters live their lives in a gloomy, almost creepy depression, which is sure to create an extremely dark atmosphere for the show. However, having numerous characters with active roles, many students studied intensely for both lead roles and supporting roles within the musical to prepare for the audition process.

Based on feedback from others and my own personal experience with this show and other musicals in the school, I can confidently state that all the fun and creativity that the musical entails is absolutely worth it. Even if you cannot experience it behind the scenes, just bringing friends and family to witness “The Addams Family” live in person is going to be a good time for everyone!