Chirpin’ Tigah says

I have a question for you. What kind of sound does a tiger make? If you said it roars, you are wrong. According to the “kehds” of OA, tigers “chirp”.

Also apparently we’re all from Boston all of a sudden and say “kehd” after everything. For example, on October 4,2017 Chirpin’ Tigahs says, “Tigah pit tilt 2nite bones. OA volleyball vs Milford at 5 kehd!! #ladytigahs”. I don’t know exactly that term means but I guess we are all just going to ignore it.

Also, even if I wanted to attend the play off game for the boys soccer team, I would not have the slightest idea of when it was because the Chirpin’ Tigah says “playoff szn is in a few jones”. If anyone could inform me if that means days, weeks, years, decades, that would be appreciated.

These are just some of the things I don’t understand about the twitter account “OA Chirpin Tigahs”.

First off all, who even is it that runs the account? What makes them so powerful that with one tweet they can control what color or what kind of clothing the population of OA wears to any sporting event?

And what kind of mindless fool just does what Chirpin’ Tigah says? Oh wait a minute. Ill admit, I go to those games and dress accordingly, but when I think about it, I am just like why am I actually doing this. The color you’re wearing has no effect on the game, and by the time you are standing there for an hour and it’s still the first quarter, you are just asking yourself why are you dressed up in red white and blue in September, or whatever the theme is.

So who’s the joke on?