The Wood Report: Jersey Thursday (On A Friday)

By Garrett Wood

I am going to state this right off the bat: Jersey Thursday needs to be a school wide event every Friday. Yes, it is on a Friday. Officially, it is Jersey Thursday on a Friday. Why Jersey Thursday? Because it sounds better that way. Why on a Friday? Because it is better to have it on the last day of school for the week. A nice send off, you know?

Jersey Thursday first came about from the mind of Michael Greene, who wanted to make this already tough junior year a little more fun. At first, it was just a thing that all of us did for nothing, just wear a jersey on Friday and comment on other people’s jerseys. Pretty simple stuff right?

But no, we wanted to make it bigger, better. We changed Jersey Thursday to a weekly competition. Everyone pulls out a fire jersey for the day and selections are made for who might be able to win the MVP of the week. After that, on the “Jersey Thursday” twitter account (Not Suitable For School) there are four people who are up for MVP in a poll. After the poll is closed, we officially have a MVP. Whoever has the most MVPs by the end of the year is the Jersey Thursday MVP of the Year. We have seen amazing jerseys with likes of High School Lebron, USA Larry Bird, Pistons Grant Hill, and even a Tim Riggins Dillon Panthers jersey. One week, we had a full on tie in the polls and the team had to work some overtime to decide who was going to be MVP of that Week!

Now, if you are interested in joining the phenomenon known as Jersey Thursday, just simply wear a jersey on Friday and tell me or Michael that you want to be up for consideration. The bigger this gets, the more fun it gets. Will you win MVP this week?