The Wood Report: The Problem With The Big Hock

With football’s recent struggles, this question is more prevalent than ever… Why is Oliver Ames in the Big Hock?

I know why at the start after my freshman we made the change. North Attleboro had lost a lot of kids to other schools while Easton was gaining more than ever. It was the year that was up for review and the people who decide who is in the Kelley-Rex and Davenport made the decision that we will make the move but it is truly unfair due to the schools we face.

We are the smallest school in the Big Hock while Milford, who is in the Small Hock, has around 1300 kids just like Mansfield and King Philip. All of the other schools in the Big Hock blow us out like the Patriots with the Falcons. Attleboro and Franklin are closer to 2,000 kids and Taunton has 2,200. We just do not have enough to compete fairly when we only have just under 1200 kids attend our school.

The other schools have way more kids than us and it makes an unfair advantage because it adds more to those schools arsenal. Our sports teams have been fighting and have had success, but it still does not make sense that a small school like us is in a league that just has so much more. The placement of teams in the Big and Small hock is coming up in 2019 to decide if there is a needed change in the Kelley-Rex and Davenport. If there is a decision to change the divisions, it would be effective the 2019-2020 school year. I hope Oliver Ames will be placed right.