The Wood Report: The People’s All Star, Luke Thibeault

The story everyone has been waiting for… the man, the myth, the legend, the big man himself…. Luke Thibeault.

It all started in March 2001, when the man who gives us smiles and life in this school was born. 16 years later, we have starting offensive lineman for the Oliver Ames Tigers football team, and he has been holding down this year. Thibeault has been playing center and guard all year and he has had some BIG blocks, especially against Taunton when he took down a man that made our man Thibeault look like a little boy. The Tigers will need Luke Thibeault and the offensive line to step up against Mansfield to get that win for a chance at the first playoff play for Football in 3 years.

Even though our guy Luke is great, he is not at all selfish. I sat down with Luke and asked him a couple of questions. His thoughts on the Tigers season is that the season is “not going as [the team] likes it but I see a lot of upside with the remaining games.” With Luke playing like the beast he is, I asked him how he does, what is his go-to before a big game, and he responded so quickly with one word. “Mamba.” So eloquently put, that I could not say it better myself. I also asked him if he was on an island by himself, what are the 3 things he would need there to be happy and he response was predictable but exciting. “Skittles, baconators, and a tent.” Luke Thibeault knows his priorities and I like that. I personally believe Luke Thibeault is a fan favorite out there on the field as he might just be the cutest kid ever (view photo proof) so I asked him, “Do you think you are going to be an all-hock selection?” and he was honest and modest with his response being “No I do not think I am going to be one. I do not feel like I am at the level i should be playing at to be an All-Star.” and with that concluding the interview, I said two words “I believe.” and you should too.

Luke Thibeault, a man of few words when he is calm, just do not get him mad.