Africa to Easton: The Story of OA’s Newest Star Athlete

The Winter Track season has just begun, and people are already talking about Jason Windvogel.

Many of us here at OA know how challenging it can be to switch from one school to another. However, few have had the experience of packing up and moving to another continent, as Jason Windvogel and Chelsea Fisher did.

Chelsea and Jason grew up in the South African province of Guateng, before their father got a job in Massachusetts. “Guateng looked just like Easton, only with less trees,” Jason told us. The school system there was drastically more strict – all students wore uniforms and males were forbidden from growing out their hair.

Jason’s arrival is big news for the OA athletic department, as he is an extremely talented runner. By the end of the cross country season Jason became the #1 runner for OA, and was the only athlete from the school to compete at All-states. His arrival also adds an upcoming track seasons, as his 800m personal record of 1:57 will challenge Middle-Distance Track captain Matt Campbell.