Mondays With Matt: Limits

By Matthew H. Campbell
What is your limit?
I’m not talking about the non-removable discontinuity at x = 3. I am talking about where something exceeds expectations. Many people would argue that limits they set for themselves are true. However, the few who approach their so-called “limit” as a goal are more likely to exceed this temporary plateau.
The only limit that exists is ones belief in themselves. Personally I set very high standards for myself and frankly do not reach them all the time but because I have something that I aim for I am moving in the right direction.
The thing I hate the most is hearing someone doubt themselves. Some say that they can’t do it. I just hate it, because they can. The only person you need to support you is yourself. Anything is possible when you believe in yourself. Prove the haters wrong. Now what’s your limit? Trick question because you don’t have one. You can do anything. If it helps I believe in you. Have a wonderful week.