Mondays With Matt: The Race

By Matthew H. Campbell
Your heart is pumping through your chest. Your mind is racing. Then, suddenly you here, “Runners to your mark, set,” *BANG,* and next thing you know the race is over.
I bring this scenario to you on this lovely Monday because I perceive school to be quite similar to a race. During the last weeks of summer all of our minds were racing, we were all busy with back to school shopping, squeezing in last summer fun, and not to mention cramming that summer work we all put off. That is when your walking up to the starting line. Your preparation.
Next, comes the first two days of school. I assume they went by extremely quick for you as they did for me. Most teachers refused to give any vast amount of homework. Therefore, we were not quite running yet. Your now in your blocks about to take off. This is the extremely brief assimilation. Then, without notice your first hearty
 assignment comes your way and the gun goes off.
The school year has finally started. Anyone familiar with running short-distance races will tell you that the first three steps are the most crucial part of the entire race. A terrible start can make the difference of coming in last instead of finishing in first. So please dial in and do not blow off anything during the beginning of this school year. Finish that homework the night before its do. Join that club you were hesitant to join last year. And, actually study before the night of the exam. I promise you if you take these first three steps with the right mindset nothing will stop you this year and you’ll find yourself and the end of the year happy and accomplished. The race will be over before you know it.
Good luck.