Pats Lose Season Opener

By Kyle Marsh

Finally, the long wait is over. Football is back. The NFL Season Opener was held on September 7th, at 8:30pm in Foxboro where the New England Patriots hosted the young and upcoming Kansas City Chiefs. Every New England fan had been anxiously waiting to see what may be the most talented football team of all time.

With Belichick making some big moves over the offseason by acquiring Brandin Cooks, Phillip Dorsett, and Mike Gillislee in addition to their already stacked offense with Brady, Gronkowski, Hogan, and White, this offense may be one of the most versatile and talented New England has seen since 2007. Cross country captain Bobby Macinnis believes the Patriots will still be a top competitor even without Julian Edelman, one of Brady’s top targets. Bobby explains, “It will be hard to find someone to plug in for his spot but they are great at adjusting.” Bobby predicted the final score would be 31-17 Patriots win.

The final score of the game was 42-27 Kansas City. Quarterback Alex Smith played at his top performance along with rookie running back Kareem Hunt. The Patriot’s defence was unable to keep up with the Chief’s overwhelming offense after Patriots linebacker Dont’a Hightower left with a knee injury, and several new additions were unfamiliar with the Patriots defensive style such as Cassius Marsh. This upset proved to the rest of the league that the New England Patriots have their weak spots, and are not as elite as they were expected to be first game. The Patriots will face Drew Brees and the Saints when they travel to New Orleans next Sunday, September 17th.