Seniors to Hold Back to School Luau

Senior Class Shakes Things Up, Plans Hawaiian Themed Dance on 9/8

Pictured: Matt Muir preparing for Luau (From Class of 2018 Twitter) 

This Friday from 5:00-7:30 the Class of 2018 will be holding a Hawaiian themed “Senior Luau” in the cafeteria. Tickets are 15 dollars, and include admission to the OA Football Team’s Home Opener Game, which begins directly after the dance.

A dance on the second week of school is a very uncommon occurrence. The Olivian spoke to Senior Class President Matthew Campbell to find out what prompted it.

“Mrs. Walsh actually came up with the idea,” Campbell said. “During her time at OA, there was a welcome-back dance for seniors.” The seniors loved the idea, but they wanted to put their own spin on it. Eventually they decided that a theme would be the best way to go, as every grade now has its own formal or semi-formal dance. The President reasoned that “the welcome-back Luau will unify the class right off the bat this year. The closer you are as a class the more fun everyone will have at class events.”

Campbell has one question for seniors still on the fence about attending the dance: “Do you want to have a great time this Friday eating, dancing, and looking great in your Hawaiian shirt at the Home Opener Football game?” Any senior whose answer is yes is sure to have a spectacular time at the Senior Luau.