Must-Have Mondays: Febreze Downy Air Effects

By Bridget Harding

Febreze Downy Air Effects

This air-softening, mood-lifting air freshener can have your entire home smelling like a comforting blanket. I love this product because by misting the comforting smell around my house it almost instantaneously lifts the mood of all who are in the home with me. It’s amazing for when you get that text message from mom saying “clean the house” ….just spray the Febreze air freshener and mom will come home happy. The sweetness of the springtime smell will bring complete happiness to all of the guests that come into your home as well. This is unlike the overwhelming pumpkin or Christmas tree scents that attack your senses with too much smell. Fill your home with the scents of laundry day, without the hassle of actual laundry, everyday.

Target, Walmart, CVS, Shaw’s, any cleaning supply store…$4.49 for a 9.7 oz bottle.