Must-Have Mondays: Kobe 11 Low Tops

By Marco Sanfilippo

Kobe 11 Low Tops (4 stars)

For all those basketball players out there looking for a comfortable shoe that’s light enough to play like the pros, the new Kobe 11 shoe created by Nike might be just right for you. The shoe is a slick, thin shoe that forms well around the foot. The light frame allows for great mobility and direction change.  With solid ankles, you’ll be flying faster than a fly itself. What makes the shoe really convenient is the style. Compared to other popular shoes – Kyries, Lebrons and KD’s – the new Kobe’s maintain the simple stylish look along with features that allow a great basketball experience. The rubbery transparent base creates maximum grip on and off the court. The simple style also opens the option for wearing the shoe casually out in public. With most shoes around the $180.00 range, the Kobe 11 seems almost like a steal. One week of wearing the Kobe 11’s and……heck you might be just as good as Kobe himself.

Nike Kobe 11. $160.00. Sold everywhere.