Must-Have Mondays: Neutrogena Foundation

By Amelia Moran

Neutrogena Foundation

Neutrogena foundation is made for every skin out there. It is number one recommended by dermatologists. They make different kinds of foundation which include cream, liquid, loose powder, and pressed powder foundation. This foundation does not consume oil or any oily content, so if you have oily skin it doesn’t make it more oily. It is long-lasting which means it will stay on for hours. Place the foundation on a brush or you can use your hands. Slowly spread the soft compelling foundation until it is blended into your skin. It easily blends with your skin to make sure it looks as normal as possible. If you are outside in the hot sun it also contains SPF 20 to protect your skin from the sun. Neutrogena has all different shades to fit your skin tone, and it is an overall great product.

Neutrogena Long-Wear Liquid Foundation. 1oz $14.99 at the online Neutrogena store.