Volunteer Opportunity: My Brother’s Keeper

There’s no doubt it feels phenomenal when you give someone a gift they really love, but this year with My Brother’s Keeper, I realized it feels even better to give someone gifts if they can’t get them on their own. Even if the holidays just recently ended, My Brother’s Keeper also works year-round to deliver food, furniture, and presents! The organization has worked to deliver products to those who are not able to afford them since 1990.

As a Christmas volunteer, my experience began by receiving an informational sheet based on one family my group had been assigned. The sheet included the name, gender, and age of everyone in the family as well as their Christmas wish list. During the two hours we spent there we collected presents for all the members in the family and then wrapped them. With music playing in the background and the atmosphere full of hope and joy, it was the perfect activity to get anyone in the Christmas spirit and more importantly help those in need.

I highly recommend volunteering through this organization during next year’s Christmas time, and also throughout the new year as well!